Shelter Cards

The following is a list of cards available in Shelter. I don’t want to give away too many details as it will spoil the surprise, but I figured a lot of people might like to know what’s available…

Card Names Type Availability
Energy Drink Survivor Mod Rare
First Aid Kit Survivor Mod Medium
Prepper Survivor Mod Rare
Tool Kit Survivor Mod Rare
Fire Axe Melee Frequent
Jaws Of Life Melee Rare
Pneumatic Drill Melee Rare
Fire Hose Melee Rare
Pepper Spray Melee Medium
Police Baton Melee Medium
Pick Axe Melee Medium
Screw Driver Melee Frequent
Chain Lock Melee Frequent
Chainsaw Melee Rare
Berretta 92 Pistol Frequent
SIG P226 Pistol Frequent
Magnum .357 Revolver Pistol Medium
Sawn Off Shotgun Shotgun Frequent
Remington 870 Shotgun Medium
USAS-12 Shotgun Rare
Sten Gun Submachine Gun Frequent
MP5-A3 Submachine Gun Frequent
Hunting Rifle Rifle Frequent
AK-47 Rifle Medium
L22-A2 Rifle Medium
L96-A1 Sniper Rifle Rare
SA80-A2 LSW Rifle Rare
Browning M2HB Heavy Weapon Rare
FGM-148 Javelin Heavy Weapon Rare
Barrett M82A1 Heavy Weapon Rare
Extended Pistol Mags Pistol Mod Medium
Reflex Sight Rifle Mod Medium
Scope Rifle Mod Frequent
Extended Mags Rifle Mod Medium
Rubber Bullets Shotgun Mod Medium
Sabot Shells Shotgun Mod Medium
Hollow Points Gun Mod Frequent
Weapon Mount Mount Rare
Temporary Wood Barricade Barricade Medium
Wood Planks Barricade Mod Frequent
Sheet Metal Barricade Mod Medium
Claymore Barricade Trap Medium
Electric Trap Barricade Trap Medium
Blasting Charge Trap Barricade Trap Medium
Reload Instant Frequent
Rocket Instant Rare
Emergency Repairs Instant Medium
Adrenaline Rush Instant Frequent
Focus Instant Frequent
Tear Gas Grenade Instant Rare
Bandages Instant Frequent
Booster Instant Medium
Pipe Bomb Instant Medium
Demolition Charge Instant Never (Ally Only)
Card Names Type Availability
Abomination Creature Rare
Alpha Zombie Creature Medium
Arch-Vile Creature Rare
Barbed Zombie Creature Frequent
Barrager Creature Medium
BerZerker Creature Medium
Bile Spewer Creature Medium
Boss Zombie Creature Medium
Burrower Zombie Creature Medium
Devourer Creature Rare
Draugur Creature Medium
Grappler Creature Medium
Grub Creature Medium
Healer Zombie Creature Frequent
Immolator Creature Medium
Infected Rat Creature Frequent
Infected Raven Creature Rare
Leech Creature Rare
Matriarch Creature Rare
Mutation-X Creature Medium
Parasite Creature Rare
Plague Zombie Creature Medium
Pouncer Zombie Creature Frequent
Revenant Creature Medium
Shambler Creature Frequent
Soldier Zombie Creature Frequent
Symbiote Creature Rare
Wurm Creature Rare
Zombie Creature Frequent
Zombie Bruiser Creature Frequent
Zombie Hound Creature Medium
ZomBull Creature Medium
Attack From Afar Creature Mod Rare
Bone Talons Creature Mod Medium
Corrosive Slime Creature Mod Medium
Feels No Pain Creature Mod Medium
Festering Wounds Creature Mod Medium
Frenzy Creature Mod Rare
Grasping Hands Creature Mod Rare
Hard Target Creature Mod Rare
MetaMorph Creature Mod Medium
Ravenous Creature Mod Rare
Smells Blood Creature Mod Medium
Crumble Instant Rare
Pestilence Instant Rare
Pulverise Instant Rare
Regenesis Instant Medium
Surrounded Instant Medium
Why Won’t You Die Instant Medium
Bring Them Running Swarm Mod Rare
Fog Of War Swarm Mod Rare
Mobbed Swarm Mod Rare
Stubborn Swarm Mod Rare